Bond issues and borrowings

Issue 2025 of April 5, 2017

On 5 April 2017, the CNA issued a € 40 million bond issue in the market in the form of a 3.75% 15 July 2025 bond issue issued in July 2005, the outstanding amount of which was thus raised. at 868,263,911.75 euros.

The issue price is 122.365% corresponding to an actuarial rate of 0.9295% and a spread of 19 basis points above the OAT curve.

The payment was made on April 5th, 2017.

The leader of the operation is SGCib; the loan was listed in Paris at the same time as the settlement.

Debt management

In 2018, the CNA revised its borrowing rate with the European Investment Bank. A loan of € 45 million repayable over 12 years granted in 2015 at the rate of 0.30% over the first 3 years was revised to 0.14% until the 20/08/2021 .